Any News?

By Nathan Beavers

In chapter 13, O’Rourke details on how to best handle the news media. Overall, this is a very tricky subject. The public is greatly diverse; with everyone having his or her own past experiences, culture and background that shapes them into the person who they are. With all the different types of people in the public, it makes it tricky for people to effectively use the news media to reach a large audience, without trying to alienate or offend a group of people.

One issue that springs to mind that the company’s involved failed when the media found out, was the bailout hearings for the major car companies in the late 2000s. The issue was not what was said in the hearings, but how they arrived. Even though their companies were facing bankruptcy, the top executives at these companies chose to show up in their private jets. When the news media found out, it became a huge story and infuriated most of the public. The issue being that even though they were begging the government for taxpayers’ dollars, they were stilling living extravagantly while the companies they managed were in danger of going under. In response, the next hearing over the subject all of the executives showed up, driving the cars that their company sold, some even carpooling.

Dealing with media can be difficult, with anything being said might be construed as something offensive or distasteful. However, you still must be careful what you say or, in the case of car company executives, how you present yourself.

By mandybowling

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