Managing Difficult Employees

By Jazzmine Davis

Taking on the role of a manager, in any particular industry, can take extensive training to handle the different personalities of employees. Employees may sometimes not like the management style or feel as if the manager is not competent to have the position. I have personally experienced a situation where an associate has challenged the authority that came along with my 2nd assistant manager position.

I have worked for a small women’s apparel company, and taken the responsibility of a 2nd assistant manager for the store. We have about five employees total, and I am one of the younger people on staff. Well, one associate overlooks any tasks that I tell her to do, so I confronted her to have a discussion about our differences. O’Rourke has explained in Chapter eight of the text that listening is a key factor in making a problem stop. I listened to her situation and gave her reasonable feedback on how we could work things out, where we could all work as a team.

Overall, Management Communication: A Case Analysis Approach has covered every major topic that deals with becoming a successful manager. We have covered topics such as listening, writing, and conflicts—and this information will be useful in future situations, just as my learning helped in resolving the issue of a difficult employee.

By mandybowling

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