Business Meetings: Be Prepared

By: Mandy Bowling

In Chapter 12 of O’Rourke’s Management Communications: A Case Analysis Approach, he goes about explaining appropriate conversations and reasons why to call business meetings. Along with that, he discusses the importance of them and how to make them effective meetings.


I have read blogs posted about chapter 12 and I, like Jazzmine got an interest in when O’Rourke talked about when a manager should call a meeting. The purpose of a meeting is to get things resolved, moves forward and importantly, gives employees a time to voice their opinions, concerns, goals and so on.


There are reasons why meetings are called and sometimes employees don’t understand. A lot of employees either think that the meeting is going to be pointless or they dread going to meetings. The meeting should operate and go through in a positive way covering the information that has been planned to talk about. A lot of times in meetings, things may not always go in the right order or according to plan, but it is important to prepare for the meeting to make sure everything gets covered.


In my work, SFA Athletics, meetings happen everyday and it is important to be there when they do. Most of the time it deals with an event coming up, a sponsorship or maybe just a staff meeting. Regardless of what it is, it is important to pay attention and be prepared. For the person calling the meeting be prepared for questions and concerns and opinions. For ones attending he meeting, be prepared to pay attention and if you need to voice something, that would be in the time to do it. Meetings are meant to be effective and a time to get matters taken care of.



By mandybowling

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