Business Meeting Tips

By Justin Bigger


In Chapter 12, O’Rourke briefly discusses the importance of business meetings and covers strategies to improve their effectiveness in a multitude of areas including motivation, education and networking.

While O’Rourke does a fantastic job of succinctly covering the topic and illustrating how a business meeting should operate, I feel that I may add a little bit just from personal experience to flesh out some of the ideas in the chapter. I’m not going to try and specifically weigh each tip in order of importance, because I think that would silly, so I’ll just briefly list a few tips that I have seen work for meetings in which I have been a part.

First and the most obvious is location. The location communicates so much and can make or break a meeting. The location must be reasonable for all parties and it must communicate the particular tone of the meeting. Second, everyone must be made fully aware ahead of time the nature of the meeting as well as the objectives of the meeting. The easiest way to plan a failed meeting is by not making sure everyone is on the same page. Third, and it’s rarely talked about, is balancing task focus with relationship building. Just because you are in a meeting doesn’t mean it has to be serious all the time. Finding the right balance between work and fun is the key to generating the best ideas or making people receptive to potential new ones.

By mandybowling

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