Operation Business Meeting… Successful!

By Nathan Beavers

In Chapter 12, O’Rourke details what constitutes making a business meeting a successful one. It ranges from determining the motivation for the meeting, why you’re meeting, what a business meeting is, when should/should not be called, how to prepare for a business meeting and many other factors. However, more often than not, it is the makeup of the people and their attitude about the subject that makes a meeting successful.

At my current job, we have a work group that meets regularly called the Cultural Council. This group meets once a month with members and nonmembers all welcome. We discuss various topics; anything from what we feel is the most important thing that we should focus on that month, Overall, I feel that we have a successful business meeting each time we meet. Why do I think so? We are all engaged in the topics and things being said and we all want this to be successful. We want our workplace to be the best it can be all while giving our customers what they want in the best way possible. We host “Associate Appreciation Week,” every year for the employees. These are often the most heated meetings, as more people tend to show up than normal, and trivial topics (what foods we should offer on which days and if there should be paid casual days) become the most divisive topics you could imagine. I will give the group leader credit; she does her best every time to keep everything together, and does a good enough job. She compromises so much with so many people, she could probably negotiate major contracts with huge companies if she could, all while giving people mostly what they want. Probably the best thing, everyone goes away with no hurt feelings. We all know we have to work together after so if anybody does anything to upset anyone, they apologize after and go about their business. I believe these meetings were successful because people showed up, were engaged in what was being discussed, and actively participated in the issues at hand.

Not every business meeting can be a successful one, but they all have the opportunity to be. If you know how to make people interested, engaged and want to participate, meetings will almost always be successful.

By mandybowling

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