Stress Causing Conflict at Work?

By Jazzmine Davis

In chapter 11 of Managerial Communications: A Case Analysis Approach, O’Rourke explains the details of Managing Conflict in an organization. As stated, conflict can arise from various reasons—personalities, professional/personal relationships, competition and cultural differences. Stress plays a vital role in all of these variables. If people knew how to decrease their stress levels, many of the conflicts in the workplace could be avoided. My manager always has personal problems within her relationships, and it seems that her stress always trickles down to her employees. If she is not having a good day no one else will. I have taken the initiative to find some stress relief tactics that may be options that will solve the root of the problem.

  1. Meditation will allow the employee to find their center and eliminate the stream of thoughts that are creating stress. Meditation helps your overall well-being and health.
  2. Laughter can cure anything! Even it is a fake laugh it could make a person feel better, by cooling down your stress response. Reading some jokes may initiate a stress reliever.
  3. Journalizing your thoughts may cause some stress relief, because it causes a mental distraction and decreases stress hormones.
  4. Attempting to delegate tasks to others may help when trying to relieve stress. Maybe you have too many things for one person to handle, and should take the load off of your shoulders.

Stress can cause tension in the workplace, and may be a hindrance in getting goals completed in a timely fashion. Stress spreads like wildflower, and should be avoided for a successful professional relationship between managers and employees. Is stress causing conflict at your job? Use these stress relievers to decrease levels. If the options described above do not work, counseling about the problem is the next step.

By mandybowling

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