Intercultural Communication is EVERYWHERE

Culture is all around us and the way we accept it is up to us. O’Rourke defines culture everything that people have, think, and do as members of their society. Basically, it’s a way of expressing how and why people do the things the way they do.

Everyone is different and everyone expresses things differently. Learning intercultural communications goes much further than teaching someone the rules or principles of our culture, but learning about someone else’s and not being judgmental, but taking it as a learning experience… you never know what new culture you will learn about now. 

I have always been a working girl and I come across many different types of people and types of cultures. I used to work for a baseball team and we have people come in for the game from all over! A lot for the time, they can for the environment and a fun atmosphere. There were times people would come in, dressed differently and people would look and wonder, “why are they wearing that to a baseball game?!?” or people would come up not speaking English very well and trying to ask information about the park or the game. 

This all comes with working in a job setting where people come in from all over. But there is a way to handle it, you can learn from it and appreciate it. At the end of the nights, not only did I help people with other cultures, but I always learned that cultures come in from all over and it is not right to judge, but to understand their points of view on things and learn from them, just like they are learning from us.

By mandybowling

One comment on “Intercultural Communication is EVERYWHERE

  1. You made a good point about cultures coming from everywhere. It is quite interesting to sit down and talk to people and learn about their culture. There are many things you can take from other people’s cultures and apply to your own life to make it better. You can look at a college athletics program and very easily find different cultures. It is one of the best places to work because it is so easy to expand your horizons.

    Cory Morris

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