Nonverbal Communication…. hmmm….

In chapter nine, O’Rourke explains what nonverbal communication is by breaking it down into categories and explaining how to use this type of communication in the business world. Nonverbal communication is seen in everyday life and in the business/management world. 

Nonverbal communication is one of those types where it is important to know how to use it. There are so many times that when this type of communication is used, it’s importan that the people involved in the communication know how it is used… as it “what is being said.”

Just recently I submitted an assignment for this class that dealt with a real life example of how nonverbal communication failed us. This was a good example that happened with me in an athletic football game setting, that caused some issues…. because there was a miscommunication between the two people doing nonverbal communication. 

Working in the sport industry, things tend to run at a very fast pace with changes happening very quickly and quite often. An event happened just this past week, that was a perfect example of how nonverbal communication can be a failure if not used correctly or in an understood way. During football games, I am the event coordinator’s assistant, which means I am on the field making sure things run correctly. That can go anywhere from the sounds and noise being correct to making sure people are where they are supposed to be. Our videographer is up in the press box and my boss and I make cues to him over the radio if things are correct and the audio works from the audio board. Due to technical difficulties are radio were not working properly and we gave him the cue with sign language; a thumbs up, to give him the go ahead with the sponsors commercials on the video board. Unfortunately, he couldn’t tell what gesture we were giving him, and the commercials were not run. It was not the end of the world, but our sponsors at football games are very important and it is important that we recognize them. So when the commercials for them didn’t run, we did get phone calls asking what had happened during the game.

As mentioned above, this is a great example of nonverbal communication, in the sign language category, that shows how important it is to be able to understand the type of nonverbal communication language is being used. When things are not understood, it causes problems outside of the problem that have to be dealt with. 

By mandybowling

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