Organize It!

by Nathan Beavers

In Chapter Four, O’Rourke focuses on how best to give a successful management speech. The best way to do so, he says, is to develop a strategy to give the speech. This ranges from getting to know your audience, determining the reason for giving the speech, knowing what people would listen, supporting you ideas with credible evidence and rehearsing the speech. Perhaps the most important, I believe, is organizing your ideas. O’Rourke gives great detail on how to organize a speech. Starting with the introduction, the structure of the speech, advice on how to give the speech, and how the speech should conclude. Organizing not only helps with ideas for speeches, but also in many other facets of life.


            One of my hobbies is writing. I enjoy trying to come up with characters who seem more life real people than just caricatures of real people, putting together a plot that makes sense with those characters and coming to an organic conclusion that the plot and characters can support without feeling forced or wrong for them. I’ve found the best way to do all of this, is to sit down and figure out who the characters are and what their motivations are before I begin to write and let everything flow through there. However, for everything to work, you have to know the details of the major points. Why is this person doing this? What is the central conflict and how did it come about? Who will be the main character and what will their journey be about? The absolute best way to do this, in my opinion, is to sit down and organize everything you know about the major points of the story beforehand.


            Like I’ve said, I believe that the most key piece of developing a strategy would be to develop and organize your thoughts. You know what you are going to say, but to effectively say something, you must put it together in a way that saying what you want to will most come across exactly as you planned and keep your audience’s attention at the same time. An organized and well thought-out speech, or anything else in life, has a better shot at being successful than something that is disorganized and poorly planned

By mandybowling

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